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Vibrational & Color Therapy Pyramids for the Millenium

Experience Your Own Color / Sound Energy Vortex

Each Handcrafted Halo of Energy Pyramid is constructed of copper tubing. This quality-constructed pyramid is portable and easily assembled. The top section comes pre-assembled. All chair and bed models come with removable legs to enable setting up over a chair or bed. The stained glass lenses that can be inserted under the crystal sphere change the energy field immediately to different vibrations that can generate a sense of calmness, well-being, creative, and blissful feelings. Everyone feels the color vibrations differently, but all agree, it’s a wonderful energy to experience.

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The Bed Cube Model
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The Chair Cube Model
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5 foot base x 3 foot 4 in. high (fits over chair)
6 foot base x 4 foot 2 in. high (fits over single bed)
7 foot base x 5 foot high (fits over full or queen bed)
8 foot base x 5 foot 10 in. high (fits over king-size bed)

ALL THESE MODELS ARE: $450 plus $54 shipping and handling.
Deluxe Models (with all receivers): $685

"The Pyramid is a collector of cosmic, or life-force energy, concentrating and
balancing the energy field of a person or place."

Thomas Doutt (creator of the Halo of Energy Pyramids)     

All pyramids are brushed copper with a sealer. Polished copper (higher gloss finish) models are available at additional costs. All have a Brazilian quartz sphere; and all but the Greenhouse have 14 stained glass colored lenses to place below sphere for specific effects.




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The Halo of Energy Pyramid has a crystal sphere that sits atop the pyramid to represent the absolute state of zero from which all energy manifests. Under the crystal sphere there are fourteen color lenses that can be inserted for different energy vibrations. The model shown has a Spiral Cosmic-Ray Receiver that spirals the energy into the pyramid and amplifies the overall effect. This should be oriented toward the west. On the fourth ring down, as shown in the photo, is an energy device called a Spiral Accelerator – a nine revolution spiral that can be flipped over for either left, or right-handed vortex energies to heighten or calm the energy. The different colors that can be inserted into the crystal sphere have different wavelengths; shorter, longer, -- having a calming, heightening, or creative sensation ….. but overall they create a blissful state of being. The Pi-Ratio (meaning "One") Receiver (shown on the Cube Pyramid) can also be added to this pyramid and oriented toward the east. This five ring halo pyramid can be suspended over a chair or bed and used for meditation, enhanced dream state and creativity. Comes pre-assembled.

Suspends over chair or bed.
26 " base x 17 " high
$370 + $27 shipping
The Deluxe Model (with all receivers): $565

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The Starlight Pyramid (with Light Wave Pulsor) is a smaller and more portable unit yet its energy vibration is extraordinary. The Starlight has nine rings – 5 vertical and 5 horizontal. The Starlight Pyramid comes with 14 stained glass lens that can be inserted under the crystal sphere for different energy effects such as calming, heightening the meditative and creative states. The five ring Light Wave Pulsor’s purpose is to activate sound waves both vertically and horizontally. The most noticeable effect of this pyramid for most people is the opening of the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye almost immediately upon stepping within the Pyramid’s field of influence. The Starlight Pyramid can be suspended over a chair or a bed. Comes pre-assembled.

Suspends or chair or bed, or easily placed on desk or small table.
18 " base x 13" high
$270 + $27 shipping

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The Temple Pyramid is an equilateral triangle above and below and has a total of eighteen rings, with a nine-revolution accelerator centered between the two. It also comes with the Pi-Ratio Receiver to broadcast and balance the creative energy that is the manifestation of matter and spirit in its truest form. A form of matter that actually generates the Creator Light. Comes pre-assembled.

Suspends over chair or bed.
19" wide x 21" high
$705 + $27 shipping

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The Cube Pyramid has nine rings and a crystal sphere representing absolute zero under which 14 color lenses can be inserted. The nine rings represent nine octaves tones of matter. This pyramid opens up and aligns the left and right brain hemispheres and the crown chakra. The Spiral Accelerator can be add, which attaches to the ninth ring and can be flipped over to accelerate either the meditative or active energy reception (different for different individuals). The Cosmic-Ray Receiver can also be installed on the cube (facing west) to complete the pyramid, spiraling the energy into the pyramid for increased energy.

Suspends over chair or bed. Comes pre-assembled.
26 " base x 12" high, 9 rings
$370 + $27 shipping
The Deluxe Model (with all receivers): $585

As shown with Pi-Ratio Receiver, add $75

With Cosmic-Ray Receiver, add $75

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The Cube Greenhouse is built in the ratio of 1/6th of a cube. The repeating side of energy. The measurements are 18’ 6" base x 8’ 10" high. The greenhouse is covered with Dyna-glass, an unbreakable covering. The frame is built with 1" copper tubing and cross braced. The Cube Greenhouse has 11 solar operated vents, seven at the base and four in the top section. The humidity chamber at the top of the pyramid is " plexiglass. The venting creates a vortex of flowing energy and, with all the built-in geometric shapes, the plants grow year round, even in freezing weather. The Cube Solar Greenhouse is built in the Fibonacci sequence that corresponds to the spiral formation found repeatedly in life forms. The enclosed model comes with a misting system and all the solar operated vents.

After experimenting for a year with growth results in the Cube Pyramid Greenhouse, the following were noted:

Lettuce, spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, radish, artichoke, parsley, and strawberries grew during freezing weather. The artichoke plant from seed to fruit was 6 months (normally it takes 2 years for fruit); spinach grew to a height of 4 ft. with leaves 16 inches long and 7 inches wide. Vining plants grew 9 inches per day during the summer months.

The Cube Pyramid Greenhouse accumulates moisture through the venting and geometric shape. The humidity level in the greenhouse at any given time is much greater than the humidity outside. All the plants have had incredible growth productivity. These experiments have been and are still continuing at an elevation of 3500 feet near Sedona, Arizona.

15 foot base X 11 foot 4 inch high, 9 Ring Great Pyramid Greenhouse (FRAME ONLY) -- $2,620.00

15 foot base X 11 foot 4 inch high, Ring Great Pyramid Solar Greenhouse Kit
(ENCLOSED) -- $6,480.00

18 foot 6 inch Base Cube Greenhouse (FRAME) -- $4,420.00

18 foot 6 inch Base Cube Greenhouse (ENCLOSED) -- $9,995.00




Pi-Ratio Receiver -  $75 (see example on Cube Pyramid) installs on east side.
Spiral Cosmic-Ray Receiver- $75 (see example on Halo of Energy Five-Ring Pyramid) Installs on west side to accelerate life-force energy.
Spiral Accelerator,
9 - Revolution $125


Lies on the fourth ring of a five ring pyramid or the ninth ring of the Cube Pyramid for right or left spin to create either an energizing or a calming effect. Price includes shipping cost.

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