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     Working with a stone for "healing" purposes or otherwise is trough the function of intent. What is intent? Intent is defined in the dictionary as having the mind strenuously bent upon something, furthermore, intention is the action of intending with purpose; application or direction of the mind, eyes and thought.

     What is it about intention that enables one to do something with Quartz Crystals? We must begin with the understanding that your own thoughts are things. Thoughts are energy that have there own vibrational frequency, since everything in existence vibrates at its own designated rate. The chair you sit on, the clothes you wear, the air you breathe, all vibrate at different rates even tough in their physical appearance they do not appear to be based on sensory perception. Your thoughts are part of this, they vibrate also. Quartz crystals are amplifiers of vibrational energy. They resonate with the energy inherent in thern, as well as with the energy of their surrounding environment or whatever is directed towards them. Since you can direct your thoughts, you can use the Quartz Crystal as a companion to further your intention. They will assist you in whatever way you choose to direct.

     The clearer your intent, the better for everyone this whole process will work. To help you begin to master having a powerful, loving and clear intent, I always suggest the true methods of meditation and concentration. By combining the energy developed through both theses techniques on comes away with an exceeding ability to create and work with a finely honed, "focused intent." The reason you wish to have a "focused intent" is the same reason you would sharpen a knife to cut through something. The clearer your "visualization / focused intent", the better your expected results. In addition, with a "focused intent," you can further energize / magnetize your objective which accelerates it’s attraction force for that which it is intended.

     In actual practice of using what I have described, choose a "focused intent." Then visualize this intention as if on a chalkboard and change the picture into "white light energy." You may use your third eye as if it were an esoteric mixing bowl, or laser beam projector to change your visualization into energy. Then take this beam and send it down through your body, through your arm, into your hand and into the crystal you hold.

     As an example, lets say an old injury has been acting up due to excessive humidity in the air. Your "focused intention" would be to send healing energy into that area of your body. You would settle on a "focused intention," transmute it into white light, and send that light into a clean crystal, and then into your body. By using the "white light / focused intent" to heal and strengthen the body’s natural healing ability you are accomplishing what is called "working with a quartz crystal or stone." You are experientially using the crystal to facilitate a natural healing. This is but one way to work with a crystal.

     It is my opinion that quartz crystals are indeed a powerful gift to help and aid us, but they are only as powerful as we allow them to be. This is to say that they work with us, they are part of the Universal Energy that is called God, of which we are part. They can assist, amplify and hold energy just as we can. They are partners, companions if you will, in light; and through proper use (positive vibrations, "focused intent") they and we become capable of bringing more light into ourselves and the world around us.

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