Marcel Vogel

“Vogels” are healing, energy moving tools named for their designer and inventor, Marcel Vogel. Marcel was Scientist, Inventor, and Researcher who accumulated over 100 patents during his career at IBM, where he became a Vice-President of Research & Development before retiring.

What would happen if the elusive proof of “psychic energy” was finally established once and for all? What changes would occur in our culture if science suddenly became as unyielding in its bid for understanding as it has previously been in its demand for proof?

Would such proof be enough to awaken a sleeping nation to the knowledge that it has been shortchanging itself by confusing partial disability with full potential? And finally: Will we ever see the day when even the hardened skeptic casually accepts as fact that his mind alone is sufficient to heal him of his illness and that the foundation upon which his reality is built consists of a grid of intention and assumption?

If Marcel Vogel is correct, we may soon find out whether such a scenario will emerge. According to Vogel, the first step – the proof – is not far away. And when it comes, he says, it will come from PRI, his research laboratory in San Jose.

Not only is Vogel sincere in his claim, but he is also confident – very, very confident – the kind of confidence it takes to convince Stanford University, IBM, and the Arthritis Foundation to donate sophisticated scientific instruments to him in his effort “to prove that science and metaphysics are intrinsically compatible.”

And Marcel Vogel has good reason to be confident as he looks back at a distinguished array of careers that include: chemist, manufacturer, inventor, and scientist.

But in the final analysis, it is not his achievements that give Vogel his confidence. Rather, both achievement and confidence spring from a much more basic source – faith. A devout, though iconoclastic, Catholic, Marcel Vogel’s faith is part and parcel of his process. Says Vogel, “I totally subscribe and believe that whatever you ask for in prayer, and you mean it, will be given to you. Ask and you will know; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened. These are the three statements that Christ gave, and I have put them into practice all of my life.”

Recalling a turning point that occurred early in his life, Vogel says, “As a young man I would go to mass and I would sit and meditate on why I was alive: What was the purpose of my existence? What was I to do with my life? And I meditated on that from the time I was six until I was eleven. Finally, one morning after a mass, a voice spoke within me, and it said: “You will be a chemist – a phosphor chemist. You will write a book on luminescence. You will build your own corporation, and then you will do fundamental work on phosphors.” If you want to learn more about the Four Truths in Buddhism, check out this article. This entire website is dedicated to Buddhism, Reiki, and the life and beliefs of Mikao Usui and Kukai/Kobo Daishi.