When in Okayama, Japan… Visit Tacsum

If you’re traveling in Okayama, Japan – you must find your way to a most marvelous café for coffee, tea, desserts, good chat, good friends, great music, unique gifts, and just a great atmosphere to relax in!!!

Two brothers, who both have the most eclectic taste in food and gifts, run the place I’m speaking of! It’s a gem of a place known as Tacsum.

They often spend time in Malta, searching for the unique, and bringing it back to Okayama to share with their friends and clientele. And, quite a unique café it is!!

They speak Japanese as well as English, and are fabulous hosts! The brothers are charming and will greet you with a warm and gracious smile while making sure to attend to you and your guests every need.

So, please make sure you stop by their establishment when in Okayama, you will be most pleasantly surprised !!!